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I AM Studio is the founder of the
middle-up segment in the Russian industry

The brand was founded in 2008 by Daria Samkovich, and after the release of the first collection it declared its commitment to the concept of individual approach to production and conscious consumption. I AM Studio is the first Russian brand to make things for everyday life with a distinctly recognizable design: precise silhouettes, play with texture and complex colors.

The combination of unique ideas, proper price positioning and high quality products became the key to the popularity of I AM Studio.

Starting from one showroom and a small team of enthusiasts with the idea of creating a new segment among Russian clothing brands, by 2022 I AM Studio has a developed network of 8 European level boutiques in major Russian cities and a team of more than 100 people. The owner of the brand is Oleg Voronin. Oleg has made I AM Studio a commercial success on the market: during the last 3 years the brand has increased its production and sales 6 times and continues to make ambitious plans for the development of Russian fashion industry.

As part of the brand was established its own design studio, creating collections on its own sketches from the template to accessories. At the moment the brand sews its collections at twenty high-tech factories in Russia and Belarus, and the fabrics are bought in European countries like Italy, Portugal, France and Germany. Fittings are made in St. Petersburg - a factory that we were able to completely reconfigure to produce accessories for our collections. Designers from I AM Studio create an individual design for each piece, because we believe that the true quality of things is communicated through details.

I AM Studio
I AM Studio is what's in you

The trademark of the brand, without a doubt, are the jackets, double-breasted trench coats and the suit group, which throughout the collections have retained their relevance and popularity among customers. When choosing fabrics, the most important criterion for our designers is the ratio of quality, naturalness and nobility of the fabric, in order to create images for a whole closet that are long-wearing and remain current. In their collections I AM Studio designers strive to think beyond the set framework of the fashion industry and create images that are primarily able to emphasize the character of a woman.

Defining a brand through individuality is a core value that our designers translate in their work. In every element of our collections we strive for harmony between the inner world and the outer shell, so that every girl who comes into our brand store will choose an image that reveals her individuality, giving the joy of being herself.

In a world of less and less time and more choices, we want to give back the value of clothes, move away from the culture of fast consumption and come to a moment in which each piece serves long, complements the other in the closet and pleases the owner.

However, we are convinced that meaningful consumption is not about a boring closet and minimalism, but about how one correctly chosen thing will serve you as a source of inspiration and joy over time, without going out of fashion.

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