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I am studio

«Fashion is not what we want to state, it's who we are.». Dasha Samkovich

I AM Studio brand is the initial founder of middle-up segment in the Russian fashion industry. The concept of "affordable luxury" was designed and implemented by the founder and creative director of the brand Daria Samkovich at an early stage of its creation. The idea of developing casual models with bright designer accents is the DNA of the brand which has become the key to business success and the image popularity of I AM Studio. Special attention is paid to the quality standards: all items of I AM Studio brand are made of high-quality European fabrics on the Russian high-tech factories. The key models of I AM Studio collections are ideally tailored coats, shirts, skirts and trousers with a perfect fit; as well as dresses and jackets that fit into the context of any wardrobe, and in spite of their strong fashion element remain relevant for several seasons.

For its prosperity and progressive development the brand can mainly thank its creative director and founder. After getting education in design, economy and fashion business, Daria Samkovich continued developing her creative skills within her own project founded immediately after the first graduation - in 2009.

Over 10 years of existence I AM Studio brand has become the main partner for many of the largest retailers in Russia and abroad and became a must-have brand in the wardrobes of the world-famous trendsetters.

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