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Loyalty system

We offer you a valuable progressive discount system.

Any purchase you make goes to your general progress in your account, including purchases during special events and seasonal sales.

Purchase Progress Your discount
to 35 000 RUB 5%
to 70 000 RUB 10%
to 150 000 RUB 15%
Discouns on special events

Information about the special events discounts can be found in our newsletters, as well as in the Specials section.

Seasonal discounts

Loyalty discount does not sum up with seasonal discounts and promotions. The purchase amount for special event or during seasonal discounts is recorded in your personal account and goes to your general progress, appoaching you to a new discount level.

Discounts for regular customers are valid for an unlimited period of time till you get the next level of discounts. Upon getting a new level you will be notified by e-mail attached to your account.

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